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Address: Jinmei Road.shuangFeng Development Zone,Hefei,Anhui Province


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Address: Jinmei Road.shuangFeng Development Zone,Hefei,Anhui Province
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    Hefei Jiulian Pharma Co., Ltd. is located in Shuangfeng Industrial Zone at north city of Hefei. It founded in August 1989 and it is the predecessor of the Fifth pharmaceutical factory in Hefei, Anhui Province. And it is originally attached to Anhui Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd., which is one of the generic medicine production factories in Anhui province. The main bossiness of company is in Anhui and also spread the business to all of China. The company build a good sales network and a variety of technical cooperation projects. Jiulian regards “concentration ,professional, loyalty” as their working attitude. They are guided by the market-oriented, health-oriented and sales-oriented as well. The company has tablets (containing hormones), the capsule 2 forms with three production lines, 32 varieties of 43 approved number of China . The mainly products are Aspirin Enteric-coated Tablets (300mg), Naproxen Capsules (125mg, 200mg, 250mg), Allopurinol tablets (100mg),Compound Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride Tablets
and other popular varieties.
     Hefei Jiulian Pharma Co., Ltd. strictly enforce the GMP requirements. And the company value to bring in talents and skilled-person. In order to create the well-known enterprise, the company focus on market-oriented, high-quality products to promote high reputation and services .

The spirit of enterprise: innovation, healthy and harmonious
Management : people-oriented, unity innovation
Quality: full participation, standardize operations, continuous improvement, quality first
Business model: unity, cooperation, focusing on efficiency, pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence
Corporate culture: Honest, strict, healthy
Company goals: We stick to become the best aspirin tablet manufacture in the world.
To Customers: Use lives to defend the commitment.
To Staff: having capacity to grantee harmony and happiness.
To society: Use our excellent brand to be responsible of society
Company values: For everyone's health, we make the best medicine.

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