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Address: Jinmei Road.shuangFeng Development Zone,Hefei,Anhui Province
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Hefei Jiulian pharma co.,ltd value the business concepts of people-oriented, unity and development together . We motive people with better career goals and beautiful prospects to improve cohesion. We create a positive working environment and are committed to providing a place to display their talent for every employee, by constantly creating personal development opportunities for all kinds of people have to be successful, self-realization opportunities and platforms. Jiulian pharmaceutical stick to respect talents and creativity. We focus on ability more than academic degree and we don’t judge employers by appearance . Therefore ,the performance, the ability and the potential which we pay more attention on.  Through providing the fair competition and a better cultural environment. It can inspire employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.

 We believe that there will be unsuccessful companies without staffs’ efforts . successful companies, and there will not be successful employees without unsuccessful companies. So that employees and companies are growing together,  which is the talents-developing concept of Jiulian pharmaceutical.         Jiulian pharmaceutical want encourage employees to combine themselves and Jiulian’s development together, so we provide multiple chances for employees.  Jiulian pharmaceutical strongly think there is no different classes between people, only different is that responsibilities are not same. The company respects employees' individual personality and their dreams, encourage employees to improve their ability to finish achievements. At the same time, we still insist to think the company’s development due to employees development. Jiulian strongly believe that we will realize to improve better together between enterprises and employees ,then to get success of a win-win situation finally.

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